Welcome to SoulPrima

Honor your soul's call for deeper connection--to yourself, to your spirit guides, to a loving tribe

About SoulPrima.Love

A loving woo-woo wonderland where we will honor our soul's call for deeper connection & wellness. We're bringing the magic of our sweet crystals community into a bigger love bubble, where we can dive deep into heart conversations, and learn some wonderful spiritual tools and rituals to support us in coming home to our truest selves. You can register for an individual class or guided meditation, or get all the goodies when you join our monthly membership SoulPrima Circle described below. 

We are creating our SoulPrima Circle as a sacred space of support and loving connection. Monthly Circle topics explore spiritual & emotional wellness. We'll do some fun activities like manifesting with crystals and spell jars. We'll dive deep into our hearts through guided meditation journeys where we connect with our guardian angel and other members of our Sacred Love Team, to receive healing energy and support. We'll have time for group coaching, Q&As, and personalized course content with both recorded and live class sessions. We'll bring our tears and our silliness, and our fellow Primas will cherish them both. Welcome my lovelies, to something very special. I'm so honored to share your journey.

What Circle Members are Saying

"The SoulPrima Circle is a beautiful container filled with love, acceptance, support and sisterhood. It's a judgment-free zone, which gives us permission to be our authentic selves. Leslie has so much knowledge about crystals, healing, channeling, energy, and she shares her knowledge with love. If you like 'woo' and want to connect with kind, loving, supportive souls, enjoy learning and discovering new things about yourself and the spiritual realms, I highly recommend SoulPrima Circle."--Amy

"The SoulPrima Circle is such a blessing to those looking for a bit more community along their metaphysical path. It's such a delight to meet with some generous, fun-loving, like-minded souls to share in anything & everything related to becoming our fullest selves. It's amazing to know that we can share our fascinating discoveries as well as hilarious memes, and be completely and totally ourselves. We can often feel somewhat isolated as we start down any path that deviates from the mainstream. The SoulPrima Circle is a place to feel accepted, held, respected and embraced."--Lisa

"SoulPrima Circle is one of those communities that allows you to be your authentic self. It's an incredibly supportive and loving place to connect with like-minded women that offers the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings on many topics without judgment. Having a place for women to go to and be free to be who they are is so important. I highly recommend SoulPrima Circle and please join us and share your love."--Khirrane

"SoulPrima Circle is a place where I feel comfortable to be my true authentic self--not the self that I've, throughout the years, morphed into because I was not accepted for being weird. This is a group that is full of support and love where I can let me freak flag fly high and proud. It feels so freeing to be my true self. We have some pretty awesome lessons too that I wish I would have had when I was younger. I love this group of ladies and our magical leader, Leslie."--Samantha

"I am so grateful to have joined SoulPrima Circle. I continue to learn new tools to help me better support myself. I truly leave each interaction, live, class, etc. feeling refreshed, happy and connected. Also, having a safe place to let my guard down, speak openly and be greeted with support is invaluable especially when you are working on healing and growing. I can't recommend this community enough, whether to learn things about yourself, grow spiritually, connect with others, or learn real life tools that you can incorporate into your daily life. It has really been a blessing that I'm so happy to have found."--Lauren

About Leslie

I am an empath and a channel, a trauma survivor and the divorced single mom of an amazing powerhouse of a young woman. My professional background includes 20 years teaching communication and coaching people to honor their truth with compassion. One of my most life-changing experiences was completing a two-year intensive program on personal energy tools (as a highly sensitive person/HSP, I desperately needed these tools, and find that I use them every day to support my nervous system). The life skills and insights into human nature that I learned through my Masters degree in Interpersonal Communication, Bachelors in Psychology, and coaching programs, are also central to how I approach the world. My first massive spiritual awakening arrived by surprise during my pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Saint Francis--not knowing why I was called there until I arrived in Assisi Italy and all of my "clairs" suddenly came alive (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant). When I returned, I was set on a two-year path of deeply processing and healing my own trauma. Each a blessing, adding new depths to my toolkit of resources in the worlds of emotional wellness, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Oh, and then, also to my surprise, I realized I had the ability to channel, lol. I shifted my focus from the corporate landscape to the magical world of crystals and opened my own crystal shop, My biggest passion is sharing what I’ve learned, to help lighten the path for others. I'm so excited for us to have this new SoulPrima.Love learning community where we can learn together, have deep conversations, build lasting friendships, and walk each other home to our truest selves.